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We’re taking ‘slut’ back! Join Copenhagen SlutWalk and give a glittered middlefinger to victimblaming, slutshaming and sexist double standards. SlutWalk is a celebration of our rights to our own bodies: No one will tell us what to wear or how to behave to ‘earn’ respect.

This is a portal page for the upcoming slutwalk through which we will be publishing information about the event as we get ready. (We also have a danish blog.)

Kindness ~ Slutwalk Copenhagen

United against rape culture: Proud sluts walks the streets of Copenhagen once more

On Saturday June 23rd SlutWalk Copenhagen will once again hit the streets of Copenhagen, raising a glitter slathered middle finger to slut shaming, victim blaming and sexistic double standards. SlutWalk 2018 is a celebration of diversity and sexuality and a protest against a culture that trivialises sexual assault.

PRESS RELEASE: SlutWalk 2016 comes to Copenhagen

SlutWalk is intended as a celebration of own choice, sexuality, personal ownership of expression and mutual respect. To call someone a 'slut', a 'skank' or a 'cheap whore' is to exclude them, and can be at worst be used in the justification of rape. SlutWalk challenges the idea ...